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White Supremacists are Idiots


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White supremacists are idiots. Except for them, everybody seems to know that. The usual argument about why they are idiots tends to discuss skin color and how that is not a good measure for a person. Today, I would like to try a different angle, maybe one even they can understand.

A big white supremacist rally took place in Charleston, South Carolina this weekend. There was violence and death. As a response, other groups have held protests across the country. Some of those groups oppose the supremacists, while other support them. The whole thing is likely to continue a while, but since everyone there is American, it's likely to simmer down so everyone can regroup.

During the white supremacist rally, did any of them stand up and demand to demonstrate calculus, like Newton and Leibnitz showed them? No. Did any of them offer to create a vaccine for smallpox, like Edward Jenner? Did any they demand to invent anything at all? No, they don't want to do anything that they think make white people so great. I wonder how many of them have ever heard of Jenner or Leibnitz.

Well, you may say, that's not really fair. How could they be expected to know every white person in history who did something notable? It would require lots of education or something.

Okay, let's talk about something they are likely to know. How many of them carried british flags? You didn't see any british flags? But Great Britain had an empire that stretch across the globe. The Brits conquered damned near everybody at one point or another, and it wasn't that long ago. If the white supremacists can't be expected to know individual white people, surely they should know an entire empire of world conquering white people.

How about French flags? Napoleon conquered almost all of Europe. That should count for something. How about Russian flags? The nordic Rus tribe are still an important ethnic group in the ruling of Russia; it's where the name "Russia" comes from.

You say you didn't see any flags of these particular white empires? Well, what flags did you see? Oh, those.

That's another reason why white supremacists will always look stupid. There are two main flags, along with variations, that they use: the Nazi flag and the confederate flag. Yes, I know that the flag we call the confederate flag was not the official confederate flag back during the American Civil War. However, this a century and a half later and when someone in America says "confederate flag" we all know they mean the stars and bars nonsense.

So, with a long history of notable white people and nations, the white supremacists use the flags of two groups that were thoroughly trounced by other people. The Nazis were utterly defeated on their own turf. Now, their symbols are illegal in their homeland. That's how badly they were beaten.

As for the confederates, Sherman burned as much of that nonsense as he could. If Andrew Johnson hadn't sold out his country by letting the southern states back in without fixing any of the trouble, that could have stayed burned. Instead, they were allowed to run around unpunished like naughty toddlers yelling, "The south will rise again!" They really need a spanking and a time out.

So, to reiterate the point, these people can assume to idiots because they rise up wrapped in all the glory of completely defeated other people. With all the other symbols they could have used to try to prove their point, they picked the worst ones. These people are stupid.

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