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No Sympathy for Evacuees


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All the news programs are showing images of Americans who have finally gotten out of Jordan. They also talk about the plight of those still there. You know, I have absolutely no sympathy for any American adults in that situation.

What were they thinking? Did any of the trouble come as a surprise to these people? I would love to hear one of the evacuees say, ?I don?t understand it. Sure, we saw the State Department warnings about traveling in the area and, of course, Israel has been at war with Jordan on and off throughout my entire life time. Why should that be allowed to interfere with my casual visit to another sovereign state??

More annoying is the fact that people are complaining about how long it took the government to send ships to evacuate American nationals. They point out how other countries (you know, the ones that are closer to that area of the world and who get along better with all the parties involved) could get their citizens out of the way much quicker. How dare the United States government, with its vast debt and with its resources scattered thinly all over the planet, take its time about extracting people who voluntarily went into a hostile environment known for being dangerous for Americans even during the cease-fires?

I do feel sad for the children dragged over there by their parents. Kids don?t have much say in where they go. Some effort should be made to evacuate minors and the only reason to get their parents too is that raising orphans is a huge tax burden. On the other hand, there is a lot to be said for Darwinism when discussing the children of morons.

In summation, if you are stupid enough to put yourself into a clearly labeled dangerous situation, you should be grateful if anyone even thinks about helping you, let alone actually makes an effort. On the other hand, that suggests the idea of personal responsibility and we?ve been trying to grind that out of our culture.

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