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Interview with Nader Supporters


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The news is out! Ralph Nader is officially running for president (again). Some say that he will draw votes from the Democrats. Others say he is a nut and should be ignored. Others say, "Nader who?"

Well, to help solve some of the mystery behind this enigma, I've decided to interview a Nader supporter or two.

LB: Excuse me, sir, are you a Nader supporter?

NS: You bet I am. I love this guy. I support him all the way.

LB: That's very enthusiastic of you. What is it about Nader that gets you so excited?

NS: That's easy, I love his safety record.

LB: His safety record?

NS: You bet. Him and his supporters have pushed for all kinds of safety mandates. Seatbelts, child car seats, airbags, they've pushed them all through. Without Nader and his cronies, many of those things wouldn't be mandatory.

LB: So you like the fact that safety is required by law?

NS: Of course! I work for a corporation that makes safety equipment. Every time those nuts get riled and harass the government into mandated safety changes, we make a fortune.

LB: Don't some of those changes cost poor people more than they can afford?

NS: Poor people money is as good as rich people money; it just takes more of it.

LB: I see. Well thank you. Um, excuse me, Miss. My I ask you some questions?

NS2: Sure. What can I do for you?

LB: Since you're here at a Nader rally, may I assume that you're a Nader supporter?

NS2: I guess so. I'm here to encourage people to vote for Nader.

LB: Do you think Nader has a chance at the presidency?

NS2: Oh goodness no. I think that supporting him gives a wake up slap to the Democrats that they need to get more liberal on stuff. They've gotten way too mainstream.

LB: Wouldn't it be more effective to change the Democratic Party from within?

NS2: But then they might have enough votes to win, uh, I mean, uh, go Nader!

That ends my interview with the Nader supporters. It was most enlightening.

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