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Savage Chicago


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Those wacky Chicago people are at it again. According to an article in today?s Cedar Rapids Gazette, There was quite a display of savagery there.

It seems there was an accident in which a truck hit a pedestrian. In reaction to this, a mob attacked the truck driver and really did a number on him.

Though I can see that hitting a pedestrian is a bad thing, it?s a matter to be handled by law enforcement. It should not be handled by a group of Chicagonites wielding sticks with rocks affixed to the ends and jumping up and down and hooting.

If you?re not from Chicago, I warn you once again not to go there. If you?re from Chicago, there?s a good chance that you don?t know what all these little markings on the screen are for. If you live in Chicago and you aren?t originally from there, try to make your way into Wisconsin. If you tell them in Wisconsin that you are escaping from Chicago, the Wisconsinites will help you get back to your original home. Those Wisconsinites are great at driving off the Chicagonites. They wave fire and play polka music. (As an historical note, the people of Chicago fear fire.)

As a proper Iowan, I say again that Chicago is evil.

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