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Election Tomorrow 2008


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Tomorrow (Tuesday November 4) is finally here and the United States gets to go out vote for president. This is a glorious day, for it means that the campaign is finally over. Who will win? Well obviously everyone who wants the election to go away wins.

Almost every day I find my mail box filled with oversized fliers from the Democrats. The other day I found a flier actually hanging on the door knob of my apartment. I hate it when I find literature hanging from my knob.

The Republicans are not innocent. Several times a day my cell phone rings with an unlisted number. The voice mail explains how someone thinks I should vote for their favorite Republican candidate. It's more annoying because it is obvious that the call was made by a recording. Those lazy bastards!

It doesn't stop there. All the coworkers are constantly blathering about politics. The local news channels are constantly explaining how they will repeat the results of the elections in a fashion better than the way every other news channel repeats the numbers. Then there are those annoying acquaintances who have started a write-in campaign to get me elected to the Linn County Auditor's office.

The local campaigns have been inane. Television commercials explain how since a local politician is a member of the Republican Party then that person will vote to move Social Security to the stock market. They want to imply that voting for this local person will somehow cause the federal government to lose all the Social Security funds in the pending collapse of the stock market. Most of the other local ads have been just as stupid.

Yep, it will be good to see the election end. I can make plans for tomorrow night because there will be no television worth watching until late Wednesday at the earliest. Then we can start with one side claiming a mandate from the people while the other side claims they were robbed. I may even have to go figure out what a county auditor does.

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