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Israel on the Attack


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Israel is on the attack. They?ve been going at Lebanon since Thursday (July 13) with missiles and such. It is likely to keep up for the immediate future. (Read about it here.)

My only hope is that the United States stays out of it. There is nothing we can do for these people. For decades, each side has retaliated for the last group?s retaliation for the last group?s retaliation ad nauseum. It?s like a couple of kids fighting. Until they grow up, there is little we can do.

We are not their parents. We cannot give them a time out. We cannot give them a spanking. We cannot make them sit down and behave. They will have to grow up on their own, if they live long enough.

Unfortunately, many Americans believe that we must intervene. First, there are those who think the cause of peace is justification for pleading with both sides to settle down. If we do this, factions on both sides will claim that we are supporting the other side.

Then we have those who believe that Muslims are inherently wrong and that we must support a Jewish state in an attempt to preserve the Christian holy land. These folks will want the United States to intervene militarily on the side of Israel. Our military is already overextended and religion, officially, cannot be part of the decision.

Yet another group sees the violence in the Middle East as signs of the ?End Times? when Jesus will return to the world and the Christians will be saved or whatever (I?ve heard several different versions of what will happen.) These people think that U.S. military involvement with eventually add to the conflict and meet the prophesized conditions for the battle of Armageddon. Again, this is not a good basis for foreign policy, though I?m not sure if President Bush knows this.

The only thing that will even start to bring peace in that region is for their cultures to mature. They must realize that boundaries and rules from three thousand years ago no longer apply. Once that realization has set in they can start working on a political structure that does not arbitrarily favor one group over another. For example, Israelis and Palestinians must each have one vote of equal weight. Their government must have a constitution that maintains a separation of church and state. When all of that is in place they can suffer through the next few generations until the idea starts to get into their heads.

No, there is nothing the United States can do to help this situation. We have enough enemies without getting involved. It would be the height of stupidity for the U.S. to stick its nose in. Naturally, we?ll be there in a day or two.

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