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Bad Drivers


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It is difficult to understand the hostility expressed by so many drivers, particularly when they are angry because your correct driving has prevented them from driving wrong. The individual in question will pull out without enough space, possibly ignoring right of way laws, and then become irate because your vehicle was already in that space. What ever can we do about such people?

My first thought is to arm my vehicle like some futuristic, post-apocalyptic mercenary. That seems like a good idea until I realize that my little granny car barely has the power to accelerate and play the radio at the same time. The extra weight of arms and armor would probably solve my travel difficulties by keeping me from traveling.

The second thought is to place a camera in my car and then hand the tape over to law enforcement at the end of the week. I don?t know if that sort of thing is allowed in courts for purposes of prosecuting morons. What?s more, the camera would need to be in prime viewing space and that means it would probably be in the way. I would be unable to see and would thus be driving like the people I wish to stop. At least I would have good video of it.

The third trick would be to follow the miscreant home and confront the bastard. Ignoring, for the moment, that this is illegal harassment in most areas, I can think of several reasons why this is a bad idea. The simple reasons involve the fact that it takes time and gas to follow someone. The more compelling reason to not follow someone home is that the idiot has already shown that he or she is not concerned with keeping you healthy and safe. Such a person may be a complete psycho and heavily armed. If you follow that car home, you may not be able to leave again (and you might not like the recipe by which you are prepared.)

The fourth idea is to harass your politicians to push for more strenuous enforcement of traffic laws. There are a couple of good reasons to do this. First, it makes us safer when driving. Secondly, bad drivers pay fines and the state, county, or city can use the revenue. The unfortunate side effect of this is that the police are just as likely to stop you and me when we do something stupid.

What do you do to deal with bad drivers? I?ve run out of ideas. Maybe, if we put our heads together, we can come up with a solution.

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