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Who is Batty for Kerry


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Those wacky Democrats are at it again. I just received an e-mail, supposedly from ol' Governor Howard Dean. At first, I just glanced at it and it looked like he wanted me to swing a bat at John Kerry. That made suspicious, so I read some more.

It turns out he wanted me to swing a bat FOR John Kerry. Nothing else in the e-mail suggested how swinging bats would help anyone. (I know some people could use a bat swung at them, for educational purposes. This seemed unrelated.) It became obvious they were really just hitting me up for cash.

No, I'm not giving them cash. Yes, there is a reason I'm on their mailing list. Earlier in the year I happened to be viewing one of their web sites. It asked if there were any problems I knew of but President Bush hadn't addressed. Naturally, I submitted the problem of a Terrorist Chicago. That put me on their list. To date, I've heard nothing from any Democrat representative about the Chicago menace.

I would like to point out something very useful to any of you Democrat readers who may have stumbled on this site. I'm a centrist sort of fellow. That means I think neither Democrats nor Republicans have burped their Tupperware properly. Still, there is nothing wrong with a President of one party and a Congress of another party. Why is that, you ask?

It's simple. If one branch leans one way and the other branch leans opposite, they can't get anything done unless it's really important. That keeps both sides from effectively pursuing their extreme agenda. Republicans can't pass laws requiring adulterers to where the letter 'A' on their jackets. Democrats can't require that cheeseburgers be replaced with tofu. Since most Americans usually fit more in the middle than on either extreme, you can see where this political arrangement is a good thing.

There's the real problem this year. We have a Republican Congress and there's a good chance it'll stay that way. So who do we pick as a president. Well, the Democrats have fielded John Kerry.

You morons! Kerry is no more electable than oatmeal. He presents nothing of value. You can claim that Bush is an idiot all you want and you're still not showing anything of contrast. There could have been a contrast with Dean; he's crazy, Ashcroft crazy. There's John Edwards, who at least had the decency to work for a living at one time.

What do you have for Kerry? Nothing, not on single damned thing in his favor. Who cares that he served in Viet Nam? A great number of Americans served in that war. Most of them are decent Americans. Does that qualify them to be president? I don't think so.

Can he give a good speech? Other than his embarrassing statements, no one remembers anything he ever said. You say you remember one of his speeches? You're not the one he needs to convince. I'm the one you need to convince. I'm the middle of the road guy. Most Americans are really more like me than they are like the typical Democrat or typical Republican. What can Kerry say to show me that he's going to properly represent my socially liberal, fiscally conservative views?

I'm betting, not much.

This election is probably going to be close. The Democrats and Republicans, for all their sniping, are the same to most of us. It's sad that neither party can pull it's collective head out of it's collective other end to present a candidate that puts most Americans above the extremists.

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