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Psychics and the bin Laden Tape


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Last week Osama bin Laden released a tape where he offered a peace treaty to the European nations if they would pull out of Iraq. The ploy obviously backfired since the leaders of Europe pretty much came out and said, "If we have to choose between siding with bin Laden or with the U.S., we'll pick the one that doesn't saturation bomb bin Laden's allies." Overall, it was a pretty good choice on their part, though I would have liked to see France go the other way.

As I finish writing today's rather short post, a representative of the LibertyBob Psychic Department tells me that they have a message they would like to send out. OK, here it is:

We of the LibertyBob Psychic Department, or "Mind-iacs" as we like to call ourselves, would like to send out a special 'congratulations' to the CIA for creating one of the best Osama bin Laden tapes to date. That one did a really good job of keeping him fresh in everybody's mind and at the same time, drove Europe's leaders strait around behind the American apron. While we're at it, a special shout out to our buds over in the CIA Paranormal Intelligence Department. Hey, buds, do you know what I'm thinking? Yea, that's right.

Well, thank you, and get back to your cubical or lab or wherever it is I keep you people chained. There's a reason I don't let those "Mind-iacs" out very often.

Anyway, there you have it; the bin Laden tape was a good thing.

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