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Frustrated with Mid-East Peace


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President Bush is headed out to talk about Middle Eastern Peace. From the looks of the details, it is good that someone has finally decided to call the Israelis to task for their part in this mess. If there is going to be peace, all sides have to get along.

There are two important points to remember when thinking about the troubles over there and the arguments on either side are easy to deal with. First off, Israel is an artificial country. They have only been around since the late forties when Britain, with the support of the United States, gave over the British colony there to form the new nation. This was done without concern for the indigenous people.

This brings up the second point. The Israelis argue that there has never been a Palestinian state. They say this as though it has some relevance to the situation. The fact that they did not have a nation that was recognized by the current nations in the world does not make them less of a people or a culture.

A very long time ago, the British held colonies in North America. They pushed around the people living in those colonies. Some of the people there became terrorists and attacked the British infrastructure and people. Since they did a good job of it and won they are now considered to be patriots. Before that time there had never been an American State. Suddenly there were thirteen of them. Now there are fifty.

Here in the U.S. there is still guilt about the way our forebears treated the natives of this land. They didn't have a recognized state. Now we have land set aside for them to maintain their own affairs and they are also welcome to join the rest of American society. Was it wrong, the way they were treated? Hard to second-guess history or to do anything about it. We have protections in place now to insure that we don't cause those sorts of problems again.

I know why the Allies felt compelled to help establish a Jewish state after the Second World War. There was a great deal of guilt over the Holocaust. It was bad that the Jews were persecuted, perhaps because they had no recognized state of their own. But none of this justifies the persecution of the Palestinians.

There can be no peace in that area till the Palestinians are given the respect that is deserved by a people. As long as the Israelis insist on subjugating the Palestinians there will be violence.

Why would I assume this?

It's pretty easy really, I can imagine what would happen if the world decided that my home area was the domain of someone else and I was suddenly booted. That's right, if the world said that Eastern Iowa was now in possession of some group and that they were in control, I would be very upset. You would be upset if it was your home.

If that occupying people then went on to push my people to small, less desirable areas, I would start to fight back aggressively. If that meant strapping bombs onto my neighbors and encouraging them to kill as many of my enemy as possible, I would do it without a second thought.

We still have monuments to the leaders of the Native Americans who fought against being pushed onto reservations. We understand that they were heroes.

Our own terrorist leaders are on our coins and bills. We teach children about the sacrifices of those leaders and encourage our children to learn from the example.

Israel must learn that they are an invader and that the enemy will fight to the death because they have no choice. They must also learn the freedom-loving world will not tolerate their annihilation of an entire people.

Go get 'em, Mr. Bush. Show them the way to getting along.

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