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Is He Ready to Lead


Category: politics

The McCain campaign keeps trying to add doubt about whether Obama is a leader. They may want to rethink their strategy.

The main point of McCain's argument is that Obama is inexperienced. They keep saying that he cannot be a leader. Then they go horribly wrong with their argument. They point out that all Obama ever does is talk and people seem to do what he says. Then they ask, "Is that a leader?"

Well, McCain people, I have some bad news for you. That is pretty much a leader, a person who tells people to do things and then they do them. You can see where this may miss the mark a bit in your advertising.

It is another thing to suggest that Obama will be a bad leader who will lead the country to ruin. You can argue that all you want, as long as you don't define ruin as being great prosperity and peace. You cannot say that he is not ready to be a leader and then show examples of him leading rather effortlessly.

Please, for the sake of reason, please rethink your attacks on Obama and try not to look stupid.

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