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I have a theory. Many people feel that neither Bush nor Kerry are really good choices for president. One would think the major parties could have presented better candidates. My theory is about why those goobers presented us with those two goobers.

If you're a party, you have to worry about the make up of congress and the person in the Oval Office. It's easy to get attention on the presidential campaign. It's harder to get attention for congressional races. It's those that are the important ones.

Congress is where laws are made. When a commercial says that a president raised taxes or any other such crap, it's just that, crap. Congress is where the action is. Each party wants to make sure that they have the majority in the House and the Senate. If they have a huge margin, the president is less important. When the ratio is not so big, they need to rely on a friendly president. That's why they push that campaign so hard.

But why do they want a wet rag as president? Simple, when congress passes a law, the party wants to know the president will go along with it. They don't want to risk having a strong leader who may have ideas of his own. Do you think Bush will go along with what his party says? Do you think the Democrats can tug Kerry's leash whenever they feel like it?

Both major party candidates are nothing more than party bitch-monkeys. They are just puppets. Does it matter which one you vote for? You bet.

Look at the make up of congress. See which party is likely to be in charge after the next election. Try to elect the presidential candidate who is in the opposite party. Why? To keep the parties from rising to power.

Candidates of both parties have to show that they can get close to the middle in order to get elected. That suggests that most of us are in the middle. (Why there isn't a Middle Party is a complete mystery.) When you have one branch of government, such as congress, at one extreme, and have the other party control the presidency, they can only accomplish moderate things. The extreme views get cancelled. It's only important stuff that gets through the process. That's important.

As you think about going to the polls, consider the fact that the presidential candidates are just bitch-monkeys. Vote in a manner that serves the best interest of the country (usually the middle route) and not based on the commercials.

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