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Congress Wastes Time


Category: politics

Congress is getting on my nerves again. The House of Representatives is debating a resolution condemning the war in Iraq and the president?s plan to increase troop numbers. That resolution is such a huge waste of time.

The problem with all this activity is that it doesn?t accomplish anything. Congress, and particularly the Democrats, has made it perfectly clear that they do not support the president?s plan. If they pass the resolution it adds nothing to their position.

The resolution is non-binding. That means it is not a law. It does not enforce anything. The function of the legislature it to make laws. The resolution is not a law; therefore it is not something with which they should be wasting time. One would think they have better things to do.

Get a clue, Congress. You are spending my money to argue about how much you don?t like bad stuff. That?s not your job. If that?s all you are going to do, get off the clock and go home; we?ll have another election and see if we can get some people who are inclined to work for a living.

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