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Georgia on my Mind


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It seems that Georgians just can?t deal with poor education. Now that poor education is coming back to bite them in the rear. I?m talking, of course, about the attempt to remove evolution from their curriculum.

I realize that many people are very religious. I know that they feel comfort in their faith. I also know that they have to be really retarded to believe creationism over evolution. Most Christians in my area (this is the dominant religion around here) accept that the teachings of the Bible may need adjusting to accommodate man?s newer understanding of the universe. Few of them would debate the validity of evolution. Why? Because they are educated, intelligent people.

Apparently, there are still some in Georgia who haven?t adapted to the updated worldview. They are fanatics bent on forcing their primitive fears and superstitions on the world at large. These people are just as dangerous as the first members of the Taliban who said, ?Hey, maybe Allah means for all the women to be subjugated.? If appeased and left to grow, they will continue to believe they are right and they will feel good about pushing others around.

Just like the people who were oppressed by the Taliban will need proper, modern education if they are to be free from the tyranny of religious zealots, Georgia needs to educate their people better if they want to stop being a bunch of backwards hicks. They need to tell those religious radicals to grow up, get with the program or they will be crushed under the weight of progress.

Think about it. Would you want your child raised a school that was intentionally dumbed down to appease a group of loud-mouthed bible thumpers? Unless you are yourself a loud-mouthed bible thumper, the answer is probably no. These primitives are allowed to build schools of their own if they want to stay backwards. We really don?t care if they do. They cannot be allowed to force their ways on modern Americans. If they do, we?ll someday be in the same place Afghanistan is today, or worse, how they were a few years ago.

So Georgia, any of you who can read, do the right thing. Tell the morons to evolve and get with the modern program or they?ll go extinct, and good riddance. If you don?t stop them now, the rest of us are going to point and laugh at you and not invite you to parties. You?ll be the newest third world country on the hemisphere.

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