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Goodbye Scott McClellan


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The White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan announced Wednesday that he would be leaving his job. Though it was stated in such a way so as to seem like it?s voluntary, one has to wonder.

The new Chief of Staff, Joshua Bolten, told rest of the Bush administration to leave if they were inclined to do so. That makes one wonder if McClellan was forced out. It?s easy to see Bush tell McClellan, ?I?m tired of you standing out there and making look like a moron. I?m supposed to say stuff and you?re supposed to make me sound unstupid. You?re finished here. Get your bags and get.?

Of course, it?s just as easy to imagine McClellan thinking something similar, ?This administration just keeps getting worse. I?m getting out before this retard does something blatantly treasonous.? Who could possibly blame him for not wanting to stick around? After all, all the other Republicans are bailing on the president.

The big question, of course, is who will God tell Bush to pick as McClellan?s replacement. Will the important thing be dedication to Bush or to the Republican Party? Will the new Chief of Staff do the picking or will Bush be allowed some stay? Most importantly, will the new guy be fun to pick on?

All I really know is that I wouldn?t want the job as Press Secretary. Even if I did get along with the administration, I?m too much of a smart-alec to do a straight-faced job of it. I would be too tempted to announce the nuclear destruction of some randomly chosen nation at the start of each press conference (even though no such attack would have taken place, probably). I can?t imagine what I would do for April Fools Day. No, it?s better if I maintain my current destiny as, well, never you mind.

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