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It is Over


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Altogether now: Whew, that's over.

We can see that there may be plenty of discussions about the outcome of the elections. I don't care. It's over for a while and I'm hoping people can start to act with some sense of decorum.

Here in Cedar Rapids we had a small amount of trouble from the group MoveOn.org. Law says that political groups cannot be closer than 300 feet from the polling place. At some polling places the police had to be called to convince the Move On people to move on. I can appreciate people being politically active, but you must at least adhere to the law. I prefer that people go a step further and behave with respect to others. (I won't go on further about the Move On people who are notoriously, uhm, less respectful of others.)

I know that we will still have ads on television. Hopefully they'll go back to selling dishwashing liquids and ribs. I appreciate all the cash spent locally for advertising but I'm tired of the harshness. Maybe, someday, we'll get past that.

Politicians need to learn that they are applying for a job. When you go to a job interview, do you tell why you should be hired or do you complain about the other applicants? Of course, they do the nasty politicking because it works. If only the average voter could look past the ads and actually look at independent sources of verifiable information. I won't hold my breath.

Regardless of all that, I'm just glad it's done for a while.

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