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We Was Robbed


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On Wednesday, August 4th, both President George Bush and Senator John Kerry were campaigning in Davenport, Iowa. According to this article from KCRG, three local banks were robbed at the same time. I always knew you couldn't trust politicians.

The reasons for the robberies all at the same time and place are simple. All the local law enforcement people were attending to the security at the Run For President Show. That's right, all the security for the two candidates and their entourages sucked up the local police and deputies leaving the community generally unprotected. I sure hope the terrorists don't figure out that the easiest places to attack are wherever Bush and Kerry are.

I realize that the two candidates are so lame that they have to put on these shows in order to drive up interest. I also realize that they have no clue about the disruption they cause to an area when they do their little dance. Could they be more inconsiderate? I imagine so.

In the television coverage I've seen of speeches from both of them, the speeches contain no new content. That's right, other than a few pandering remarks for the benefit of their local supporters the speeches are the same as every other speech they've made. Sure, it's a rule of persuasive speaking that you must repeat key points in order to drive them into the brains of your audience (that's why LibertyBob.com is your favorite site to visit. Furthermore, it's why LibertyBob.com is your favorite site to visit.). Repeating these same speeches ad nauseum and not giving the centerist voter a new reason to vote one way or the other is a waste of time. More importantly, these speeches cost taxpayer money, especially in terms of extra law enforcement in the area.

So, Misters Bush and Kerry, please do Iowa a big favor. Until you have something new to say, go talk to someone who hasn't heard it all before. Our economy doesn't need the disruption to commerce or the expense of protecting you. If the protecting you ends up allowing extra crime in our cities, then you are even less welcome, you self-important? nevermind.

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