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Stop Brainless Sluts


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It happens far too often that celebrities have no real value or talent and that the media make these people out to be Notable Personages. The problem with this is that these Notable Personages then get looked up to by the youth of today who say, "Wow, if I'm a brainless slut then I can be rich and famous too. That's the life for me!" We really need to put a stop to this sort of crap.

You may be wondering, "But what can I do against a media onslaught? I'm just one person." While it may be true that you are a bit weak and pathetic on your own, you must remember that, in the eyes of the right people, you represent about a hundred thousand other weaklings. That's why your old pal LibertyBob is letting you know how to wage war against this invasion of the bimbos.

The next time you see a brainless slut story on the news, preferably the national network news, write down all the following details:

  • The name of the program
  • The anchor person
  • The time and date of the bimbo story
  • The name of the bimbo
  • The names of every sponsor in each commercial that happens immediately after the story
  • The names of any sponsors just before the story, if you can remember them

The next step is to find a mailing address or email address for the sponsors. You will send a complaint letter to each one of the sponsors who advertised around the brainless slut piece on the news. Though I'm sure you can write your own letter, I've provided the following sample letter. Feel free to use it, but replace the parts in brackets with the relevant data.

Dear [Sponsor Name];

While watching [Name of News Program] with [Anchor Person] on [Date] at [Time], I was appalled to see that you sponsoring stories about [Bimbo]. This sort of pseudo-news encourages our country's children to look up to brainless, talent-less morons as role models.

Your support of this dumbing of our nation's youth is reprehensible. If I see anymore of these stories being supported by you, I will have no choice but to boycott your products and encourage everyone I know to do likewise.

When there are so many people doing important research in math and science, why would your company want to make heroes out of notoriously stupid people? How can we get our children to take education seriously when you are leveraging your dollars to promote idiocy?

[Your Name Here]

Feel free to use that letter, with or without modification. Every time they get one of these they have to assume that it represents the thoughts of thousands of other customers. They really don't want a boycott.

If we all pull together, we can defeat the promotion of stupidity.

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