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My Craft Projects

22 March 2004

I'm a very creative person. That means I like to make things. Sometimes people ask, "Hey, how you do that?" and then they wait as though I'm supposed to actually answer. That's why I've created this section.

In this area of the LibertyBob Web Site, you'll find descriptions of how I do things. If you are a smart person with some sense of safety and are willing to take responsibility for your own actions, maybe you can follow the instructions and do craft stuff too. I have to say that because, though most of my readers are pretty brainy, it's always possible that morons might stumble into this area and then hurt themselves trying to imitate me. That's bad for somebody or other, I'm sure.

So the following message is for morons only:

Go back to Chicago!

For the rest of you, please select a link from the left and enjoy.

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