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Democratic Candidate Predictions


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With all this talk about the uncertainty in the Democratic nomination for president, I thought I should do a detailed analysis and predict the likely outcome of the situation. Then I realized that I'm lazy and have an entire staff of psychics on the payroll. I can make them predict what will happen.

A quick stop to the offices of the LibertyBob Psychic Department showed me that the psychics (or Mindiacs™, as they prefer to be called) were out. I managed to hunt one down to a hotel in Honolulu and dragged him or her back. After a loud exchange of threats, we got down to work. Here are the results:

LB: So, who is going to be the Democratic candidate for president this year?
M: The future is cloudy and ever changing. It is hard to see clearly.
LB: Uh, huh.
NOTE: When psychics say the future is cloudy it is a way to cover their backsides if their guesses are wrong. It's intended to cut down on litigation.
LB: Why don't you just tell us what you can see?
M: McCain is a centrist; the unaffiliated voters do not hate him. This will affect the election. If the Democrats choose Hillary, she will not win the election. Middle of the road voters are frightened of her.
LB: What happens if they choose Obama?
M: The election will not be as easy. Moderate voters will listen to Obama and McCain and the election will be close. That is where the future clouds.
LB: Will we have an easy election any time soon?
M: When President McCain chooses to not run again after his first term, Obama will run again. The Republicans will pick an extreme conservative and Obama will win easily.
LB: Wow, you're really laying it on the line. Do you really see it happening that way?
M: It had better go that way; I got a lot of money riding on it.
LB: That figures.

Anyway, that was the end of that interview. I validated the Mindiac's parking and sent it on it's way.

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