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Well, it's a good thing that the new Spanish government made peace with the terrorists. Can you imagine the number of explosions over there if they hadn't made peace? Oh well, I've always found that giving in to bullies just encourages the bully to push further. The only good way to deal with a bully is to put your knee in his balls. Unfortunately, terrorists don't have balls; otherwise they would affect the world through hard work rather than infantile tantrums.

Of course, the new Spanish government is of the socialist bent. Socialists like to think that there should be a world without hard work. That's why they seek someone to blame for the inherent difficulty of life. It's always that upper class that oppresses the lower classes, not the struggle of day-to-day living. Oh well, that's Spain's problem and not, currently, mine.

While thinking about socialists, I decided that I could have some fun with person prone to conspiracy theories. Here goes:

Notice that strong spread of socialism in Europe? Notice the same spread in the entertainment industry. Well, what if it's a big plan to fully infiltrate all aspects of society in preparation for an attempt to overthrow our freedom loving lifestyle? What if they are just lurking as part of a big plan? What are they teaching your children in school?

That should get your thoughts running a bit on the paranoid side.

Do we have any readers out there who believe in a Zionist Conspiracy? I have something for you. The point of the Zionist Conspiracy is that the Jews are trying to control everything in the world. If that were true, wouldn't you see something of it in the world? Well, maybe you have.

If you take a look at license plates in the Midwest, you'll see a running theme. You'll find tags that are white with a light blue stripe. That's right, they are the colors of the Israeli flag. One would think that states would have tags of different colors to facilitate identification. Instead, all of theses centrally located, food-producing states have tags that look like the Israeli flag. Hmm. Sounds like something might be going on.

I should probably lay off that one, because the colors of the LibertyBob site are the same. Oops, people might start thinking that I'm in charge of the Zionist Conspiracy. I can assure that this is not true because of my position as the Chosen One in the Aquarian Conspiracy. Besides, the leader of the Zionist Conspiracy wouldn't lie to you.

Anyway, that's enough rabble rousing for today. If you have a conspiracy theory, please leave it in the comments section. Or you can just contact your local F.B.I. office (unless they're in on it).

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