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Getting the Most from Visiting Blogs


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Many people visit Blogs everyday. Some are regulars while others are just browsing. While you are visiting, there are several things that you can do to enhance your experience. Here, I describe a few.

Know Your Blogger:

Many Blogs have a link that tells you about the nature of the blog or the blogger. Sometimes you can read this section and gain insight into what you will be reading. This will tell you how to interpret what you read. Not all sites have this though.

Read The Whole Piece:

Depending on the type of article, there is often a punch line. The only way to get that is to read all the way through. Of course, if you read a few complete postings and decide you don't like the writing then you know you don't like that particular blogger and won't need to visit again.

Leave Comments:

Blogs have comments sections. These are places where you can express your opinion. This feedback is important because the blogger uses it to adjust the blog. You can also use the comments to ask for clarification or to point out an error. Bloggers are reasonably friendly and appreciate your input.

Visit the Links:

A good way to find new blogs is to follow links you find on a blog you know. Try to open the links in a new window. That way you can close the second window and be right back to the blog from where you started. Some bloggers read a wide range of other blogs and you may find a few gems.

Set Your Home Page to

There's no better way to start your blog-visiting day than to start with Not only do you find an assortment of links to interesting and highly recommended site, but also you get to read my regular posts. You can also leave your spy messages on the LibertyBob Spy Message Board. The LibertyBob Psychic Department is the first line of defense if there is DOOM lurking on the horizon.

By careful planning, visiting blogs can be a very enjoyable and productive activity.

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