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Earth Day 2009


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You may have heard various grumblings to the effect that Wednesday was Earth Day. That's the day when we all get together to talk about how our very presence on the planet changes things so that the Earth is different than it would be if we weren't here. There's also some talk about how if we don't stop putting poison stuff in our environment it may cause us some harm or something.

What has amazed me most about Earth Day is the number of signs I've seen lying around since then. Really, how many forests do you have to cut down to make signs calling for people to save the forests? Even if you make the signs from post-consumer recyclable material, shouldn't you clean up when you're done? I can only imagine the amount of petroleum-based fuel used to drive people to Earth Day gatherings.

My next question is: How did you do? Despite the fun we have picking on filthy hippies, my science-oriented mind knows we need to keep the planet habitable. Did you turn off an extra light? Did you walk some place rather than drive? Did you dispose of the atmosphere-destroying Freon in your air conditioning by releasing it into the air? Did you swear off the cabbage and bean tamales? There are plenty of things you can do.

It is important to keep my planet clean. We really do need to reduce our energy consumption; I like naps. If everyone works together, they can make the world a better place and that means I won't have to get really angry and evict everyone.

Think about the environment. Find the little things you should do every day and do them. If you missed out on Earth Day this year, there is another one next year. If that's too long, just wait till next Wednesday when they gather to celebrate Uranus.

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