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Advice for Guys: Valentines Day


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Valentine?s Day is coming up soon. Every man knows that if he doesn?t handle this properly he is going to be in serious trouble. I?ve written this piece to tell you the important parts of not messing up.

First, this is a wonderful time to make your female of preference feel really great. You need to do this because if you don?t make her feel good someone else will. (NOTE: This is not a good thing. If someone else makes your woman feel good then your woman will leave you and go to that guy.) You will need to learn the types of things your female likes.

Do not assume that flowers and chocolates are sufficient. You must know what kinds of flowers she likes. You should also know what other things she likes, such as jewelry, scarves, and so forth.

If you give your woman a trip to a spa, don?t schedule it for Valentine?s Day itself. On the holiday you must spend time with her. You need to take her someplace special. The place can be private or public, but you better know ahead of time her preference.

Going someplace public is a wonderful chance to let her be a star. Do not make a spectacle of her, but let her shine on her own. A gentleman must not get in her way. Once you?ve accomplished that you must provide a platform from which the woman?s magnificence can be seen. This may require dancing.

An important point is that you must set up things so that her good time does not feel forced. She should not feel that she must do things but that all the good things just happen naturally. That?s the hard part but it is an important goal.

Most of this relies on knowing about her. You have to find out as much as you can without getting all stalker-like. You must understand what she will like. You must provide that for her without trying to control her and without seeming too pathetic.

Your woman must feel appreciated by a guy worth a damn. That means that you must be confident but not arrogant or over bearing. Remember that Valentine?s Day is about her, not about you. Still, you must be a respectable guy so your attention will have more value.

All of this advice is general in nature. Ultimately you must so what is right for your female and her desires. It all boils down to paying attention to her, but you should be doing that all the time anyway.

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