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The Choking Game


Category: philosophies

A news story over at the ABC News web site says that kids are playing a game called the "Choking Game" in which they asphyxiate themselves. (The kids asphyxiate themselves, not the ABC News people.) The article notes that a twelve-year-old kid actually killed himself playing this game. This has me torn.

I can see where kids need more guidance and supervision. It is clear that the loved ones of the dead kid are probably saddened by the event. In general, the death of children is a bad thing.

However, I have always been a believer and supporter of Darwinism. If you are foolish enough to strangle yourself for amusement, there is a good chance that Nature is about to deselect you. Sure, we can point out that these are kids doing it, but it's the parents' genetics being yanked out of the gene pool at the same time.

Over all, this seems like the prepubescent version of Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation. That's the same "affliction" that took David Carradine from the world. Well, he wasn't prepubescent, of course, but you know what I mean. Perhaps if we tell the kids that kicking off that way is a really embarrassing way to die. It's true; you will be forever remembered as a dumb ass.

Despite the fact that the story is mostly sad, I can't help thinking that it has its good side. I have the urge to encourage the practice. With any luck, it would be more likely to hit the stupid kids, leaving behind a slightly more intelligent generation. This could be useful, because those kids are probably the ones who will have to take care of me when I'm old an decrepit.

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