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Thoughts for June 25


Category: philosophies

Due to the time constraints of studying for a computer architecture exam, I can only write a little bit for today. So here are a few random sort of things.

We had extremely cool weather June 24th. For Iowa our temperature should have been over 80 degrees this afternoon. We got into the 60's today. The low for the evening was in the 40's.

I love cool weather. The fact that it was cloudy and rainy helped. It always puts me in the mood to gear up and raid the neighboring villages. Ah, the good old days.

During my many years as an Optician, I regularly used my fingernails for everything. That kept the nails ground down. Since I no longer work in that profession, I don't get the wear and tear of old. As a result, I must trim and file my nails about twice a week. After a few years of making such purchases, store clerks still give me an odd look when I buy emery boards. If they ask, I just tell them I use the boards for my martial arts studies.

It took me years to figure out what I don't like about dogs. Then it hit me. They stink, they're stupid, and they drool way too much. Obviously, they're too much like people.

I can easily see two cavemen trying to draw on the walls of the cave. The first draws one scene. The second steals the brush and shouts, "That's not how it happens!" and then draws a new scene. It goes back and forth. Thousands of years later, archeologists find the cave and ponder the deep religious significance of the work.

On the subject of religious significance, I always thought it would be funny to go around to all the local churches the night before Easter Sunday and put up "Closed for Easter" signs.

I have always tried to deal with problems using things I learned from cartoons. When the problem comes toward me, I put forth a red cape. This causes the problem to take on the character of a bull. Since I won't show any sign of moving, the bull gains confidence and races faster at me. I never reveal till later the anvil between the cape and me.

That's enough random things for now. I'll try to prepare something for next week.

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