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Jesus Loves Porn Stars


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Some Christians are just never satisfied. According to this ABC News article, some Christians are up in arms about a Bible being given to people in the porn industry. The only thing different about the Bible is the printing on the cover.

Pastor Craig Gross follows porn conventions and such in an effort to convert people away from the industry and into a Christian life. To facilitate this he gives out Bibles. The books he?s giving out have emblazoned on the cover the words. ?Jesus Loves Porn Stars.? That?s what has gotten all the other Christians in a rile.

I can understand this reaction. I know that I took a lot of flak for the phrase, ?Jesus loves your teenaged daughter.? It seems that there are only two ?authorized? statements of Jesus? love. One can say, ?Jesus loves you,? and ?Jesus loves me? but anything else is out of bounds.

This sort of thing really helps to explain religious violence. Despite being told that they should be going about converting the people who are all different, the angry Christians don?t want to actually interact with any of these potential converts. They are very upset with the one fellow who is trying to do what they are supposed to do. If they get that upset just from trying to gain converts, can you imagine how they would react to someone trying to un-convert?

So, be careful how you express your religious beliefs today. You may say the accepted thing and get into all kinds of trouble.

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