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Bumming Rides Reprised


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A week ago, the neighbor's boyfriend knocked on my door at one-thirty in the morning to ask for a ride to a gas station within walking distance. (You can read that post here.) Though I am a helpful person in general, he lost all ride privileges at that time. Well, it didn't stop him from asking again, and this time he went for bonus points.

He knocked on my door and asked if I could give him a ride to an unspecified location. I reiterated that I was not giving him any more rides. Then he asked me for five dollars for a cab ride. I said no. This is where he got his extra points.

When I refused to give him five bucks, he responded, "Oh yea, you white ain't you." Up till now I didn't mention that he is black because that wasn't an issue. The only issue was that he is an immature punk who needs to grow up.

I responded, "I just have no tolerance for eight-year-olds who should be grown men."

He just crossed the hall and went back into his girlfriend's apartment. For the following half hour I heard him knocking at the neighbor's door.

From a sympathetic point of view, it is obvious that his parents failed him. He should have been taught how to be an adult long before he reached this age. Because of their failure, he is not going to be a productive member of society. All is not lost, however; he can still enlist in the Marines. Nothing will man-up a pathetic loser like him more than a tour in the Corps.

Regardless of his future, he did not get a ride from me.

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