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Some People Try Magic


Category: philosophies

Most people can think of some aspect of life they would like changed. Many will never get off their butts to make that change. Of the few remaining, they will each take a path appropriate to their individual beliefs and means. Some will try magic. Here's their theory.

Magic is based on the belief that

  1. the Universe tries to maintain order
  2. the Universe is gullible
That's why there's all the chanting.

See, they try to repeat that something should be. They repeat the thought in a very convincing manner. Eventually, the Universe believes it. That's where things start to happen.

If the Universe is gullible enough to believe the chanting person, then the Universe will play along with whatever the chanter said. However, when the Universe looks around to see if what the chanter said is true, It'll see that what the chanter said is actually missing. Like any other simpleton, the Universe will be afraid of getting in trouble. It will instantly, and subtly, try to adjust things to match what It was told is true.

That's the theory, anyway. If you believe we live in a gullible Universe, feel free to chant away.

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