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Talking Religion in Public


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I here a lot about people trying to minimize their religion when talking in public to avoid offending others. For some reason, that sort of bugs me. Let me tell you why.

First, I?m a person who likes customers and am perfectly willing to listen to them babble about what ever crap they believe as long as they are buying. Secondly, my own beliefs don?t include any aspects that compel me to force those beliefs on others, so I will often choose to keep the piece and listen rather than smack them. None of this means that I agree with them.

Religious beliefs are one?s belief about the absolute structure of the Universe and everything in it. It is what you think is right without any alternatives. Why, you ask. It?s because if you think there are alternatives possible then THAT is what you really believe and is a characteristic of your religion. If you think the universe works because God does everything, then that is your religion. If you think everything happens because rabbits make it happen, then that is your religion.

Having a religion automatically makes every other belief wrong!

You heard me. Because your belief describes how everything is, anyone who says different is obviously incorrect. Different from right is wrong. If you believe you are right then people who differ are wrong.

There is another state in which to be. You could believe that you have insufficient information or capacity to know or understand the absolute truth of the Universe. If you take this stand then you are an agnostic. Please note that those who are not agnostics will think that you are wrong.

Of course, none of this means we can?t play nice together (unless your beliefs say you can?t). Christians and Muslims and Hindus and Asatruar can all work together without killing each other. (NOTE: Asatruar are rather peaceful when un-bothered. I recommend against bothering them, however.)

Anyway, back to my original statement, it bugs me when people feel that they have to avoid talking about their religion because it might offend someone. Please feel free to make reference to your religion as long as you are not harassing or harming others. If the other person is offended just because you exist then that is their problem. You should not feel that you have to hide your faith? unless you are trying to get them to buy your products.

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