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Advice for Ladies who Love Losers


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This is a bit advice for the ladies out there who are involved in a relationship that you are just not sure of. If the guy wishes to show you that he is completely devoted to a long term relationship with you by going into debt or any other financial partnership with you, think mighty hard before you do it.

I have seen far too many times where women have gotten involved with a guy who is very immature or is simply not too bright. The immaturity or stupidity will cause problems in the relationship. When the woman has gotten to her limit, the guy will lay on the charm and swear that he loves her more than anything. He promises that he will change his ways and everything will be better in the future. She finally decides to give him another chance. That's when it happens. They should buy some domestic item together to celebrate their new found commitment.

This series of actions repeats in the future. Each time, they buy something a little bigger and with more likelihood of requiring credit. Eventually they have a car together and possibly even make it up to buying a home. That is pretty bad and it just gets worse.

The problem with this is that the cycle includes the part where the guy is a moron and his behavior almost drives the women away. At some point he will go so far that the woman will finally dump him. When she does she will be stuck with a huge amount of debt. Since he is a moron, he won't take care of his end of the debt and she will end up with severe financial hardship for years.

You may ask why the woman would allow herself to get that far into debt with the loser. At first, the debt is relatively small and is not that big of a gamble. After a while, though, the amount of debt increases to a level where she would not be able to pay it off comfortably. At that point the woman will often try to stick it out till things get paid off. It doesn't get paid off though. The sudden damage to his car will necessitate that they buy a car, on credit, so he can just get to work. Other unexpected expenses will require more credit because they have no savings. Before they know it, they have way more debt than they have capacity to pay it off.

So, ladies, this is a wake up call. If he is not a moron and is devoted to the relationship then you will not need to buy something to believe that he is going to be around for the long haul. On the other hand, if you are having any doubts about him but not quite ready to dump him right then and there, put him on probation. You will not go into debt or sign any contracts with a guy on probation. If things work out, you can always choose to be financial partners later. If he won't stick around without your money, he is a mooch and you are better off without him.

Of course, once you do decide to combine finances, you should follow all the rules and not do stupid things. Just remember that if he can't hold a job but is sure that he's going to make it big at some future time then he is a moron. You should not share finances with him and, if you have a brain in your head, you will not procreate with him at any time.

I have to finish with one last bit of information. If you are in debt because you dated a loser, guys who are not losers are going to be much less likely to get involved with you. You will carry the stink of that loser with you and until you have gotten yourself out of trouble. The same applies if you have a kid by some loser.

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