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Bishop Handles Priest


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While reading odd news stories (thanks, Snopes) I noticed a very odd headline on a related page. The story is about a priest who murdered a couple of funeral home workers in Wisconsin and complaints about how the local bishop dealt with the matter. The headline read: ?Bishop Apologizes for Handling of Priest?

Given the church?s embarrassment over sexual impropriety in recent years, I think the Associated Press could have found a better way to phrase the headline. When it comes down to it, who really wants to know how bishops and priests handle each other?

I think the press should make a sincere effort to provide accurate headlines that avoid too much cynical smugness. I don?t know about the rest of the world, but here in the U.S. the press is always going on about how they should be taken seriously and that they provide such an important service. It sort of tarnishes their value when they take the cheap shots.

Of course, I put all my ramblings online and therefore am expected to take the low road. There is an implied belief that anything I post will be crap. If something useful or insightful appears, we treat it as a golden nugget in the cesspool. We expect better of organizations like the AP.

Please take a moment to email your favorite news agency and tell them to grow up and not take the cheap shots. Tell them to leave the juvenile humor to the pros.

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