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Donate Books for the Illiterate


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Many of us have collected huge quantities of books over the years. Some of the old volumes are treasures that we would run into a burning building to save. Others are trade paperbacks bought in airports to provide a distraction while waiting to board the winged coffin. It?s this second group of books that are being discussed today.

Since most of us could use the free space afforded by the removal of the less-loved books, we should find a good use for them. That?s where the illiterate come in. There are plenty of illiterate people in the world. They could really use our help and donated books could be just the thing.

We all understand that illiterate people have a hard time of it. They can?t read warnings. They can?t enjoy foreign films with sub-titles. They can?t read the articles in their favorite men?s magazines. Worst yet, they can?t get a really good job. As a result, many of them are impoverished.

Poverty is really harsh. There?s no money for food, clothing, shelter, medical care. There isn?t even money for simple things such as toilet paper. That?s why your donations are so important. By donating old books that aren?t really all that great, you can take the burden of not having toilet paper from some illiterate person. That person can then enjoy the book, probably more than you did. You have to admit, there are probably plenty of books you thought should be in the crapper. So, why not donate today?

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