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On Tattooing and Piercing


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I went to a restaurant and was waited on by a very attractive young woman. She was very pretty, until she talked. Each opening of her mouth showed flashing metal through her tongue. Her speech garbled out around the stud. A couple of times she rolled her own eyes at the effort required to get simple words out. It's too bad; she WAS cute.

On the subject of tattooing and body piercing, I oppose it. This is just my opinion, of course, and everyone is welcome to his or her own, but I really want to tell people, especially women, not to do it. Why women in particular? Well, in an animalistic way, I am in competition with the other males. My future male offspring will also be in competition. For this reason, I'm not as concerned when the other males mutilate themselves.

However, I greatly appreciate the inherent beauty to be found in the female form and am disturbed when I see damage done to it. The marking of smooth skin by inks that will last a lifetime or the puncturing of parts that were so balanced in form; these things sadden me in the way that the pollution of pristine wilderness does. One simple fact is constantly true:

Never does tattooing or piercing enhance the natural beauty of a woman!

If you are a woman and you doubt that you have natural beauty do this simple test. Smile and say, "Hello," to each guy you see. With the exception of self-absorbed morons, every guy you greet will be very responsive and friendly. Some may even be too friendly. The idea that you have to shove a piece of metal through you to attract guys is completely wrong. If the fad were that women were wearing cow dung to be popular so that every woman was doing it, guys would still be attracted. The point here is that guys are going to chase after women regardless of the fashion of the day. It is just sad that this has become the fashion.

This brings up the concept of fashion and style. These two things are different, of course. Style comes from knowing who you are and doing things in accordance to that truth. Fashion comes from seeing someone else's style and saying, "If they are doing it then I guess I have to do it." Following fashion can easily make you look like a sheep with no mind or personality of your own.

The other problem with fashions is that they change. In a couple of years the way you dressed today will be obsolete. You wouldn't put your hairstyle into some sort of permanent mold so that you would be stuck with it for the rest of your life. You wouldn't put on the same make up in a permanent fashion hoping that those color combinations stay in vogue for the rest of your life. Why would you decorate yourself permanently?

Maybe you've been told that it's a good thing because primitive cultures used to do it. Well, those primitive cultures were made up of people who died at a young age and had to hunt and gather for food. Just because they did it doesn't make it a good idea. If a guy tries to tell you that the primitives did it, remind him of subincision where males would slice along the length of the underside of the penis to cause scarring. The description of this act may put the fellow off primitive practices.

Maybe you've been told that it will help you belong. Get over it; you probably already belong. If the only way they will let you belong to their group is to insist that you do exactly as told, they want you as a slave and nothing more.

Perhaps you've seen that your favorite pop culture idol has tattoos or piercings. Remember that thing about being dead at a young age? It seems to apply to many of them as well. Even if they aren't physically dead, their careers die when the industry is done with them. These people too are slaves. When it comes down to it, there are few things more beautiful the female form. If you let some moron put extra holes in it or draw all over it you've defaced a work of art. If some guy says he loves you but wants to mark you, he obviously has never taken the time to look at you and marvel at the wondrous creature that you are.

Please do the world a favor and keep your beauty sacred. There are enough things in the world to be sad about without seeing the senseless destruction of a beautiful woman.

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