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Intelligent Design Movie


Category: philosophies

Notorious drone-master Ben Stein is releasing a new movie called "EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed." The film supports intelligent design and is critical of educational organizations that are hard on the supporters of this controversial viewpoint.

Well, I guess I can see the point. There have been professors who have been denied tenure and other benefits for supporting intelligent design. Most science departments will not even take the idea seriously. Obviously this is a closed-minded stance to take.

On the other hand, these same institutions usually refuse to teach a geo-centric view of cosmology. They won't teach the "alternate theory" that the Earth is flat and that one can fall off the edge by going too far. Many medical schools refuse to teach the correct way of removing a homunculus from a patient's belly to cure ill humors.

Yes, it's true; our educational institutions are very closed minded about some subjects. In no time at all, we will see movies decrying the fact that we won't teach pedophilia, rape, or suicide. Some morons will protest anything.

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