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Husband Hires Rapist


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This world doesn't surprise me much anymore. In many ways, I gave up on any delusion of human nobility long ago. Then this story came along. Apparently, a North Carolina man hired another man to come into his home and rape his wife. (You can read the CNN article here.)

The man and his wife still lived together. The cops think he let the rapist into the house while the children were home. The rapist attacked and raped the unsuspecting wife. From the sound of the story, I think the guy was doing this just for a kinky sex fantasy. (This isn't stated explicitly in the story, but it was the impression I got.)

Ok, first of all, how could you have your wife raped? How messed up do you have to be to hire someone to sexually assault anyone, especially your spouse? Add that the children were home and the horror grows. How could you trust that your hired rapist wouldn't go after the kids next?

The cops say this loser found his hired rapist through Craigslist. That I can believe, but how do you event start to advertise that you want to hire someone to rape another person? Are there ads for people willing to commit rape? I cannot comprehend this.

I try not to use too much bad language on this site so I'll borrow from the texting world and explain: WTF? No other phrase expresses my sentiment about this.

So far, the press has respected the privacy of the victim. I hope she recovers and can move on with her life. I also hope the trial is short so she won't be dragged through it any more than necessary.

With the charges against the husband, he is probably going to go to prison for a very long time. It would be good if he could go away for life without parole, but I wouldn't want the death penalty for this loser. The Buddha says life is suffering, and I want this jerk to live. A little time in prison and he'll eventually realize why rape is a bad thing.

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