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Halloween 2007


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It's Halloween again. In accordance with tradition, I remind you to dress warmly when you dance naked in the woods with your pagan friends.

Many of my long-time readers know that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I particularly enjoy giving huge quantities of candy to the cute kids in costume. Of course it is also fun to give candy to ugly kids as well. Just knowing that it will rot their teeth, contribute to diabetes and behavioral problems makes me feel all warm inside. No, wait, I enjoy it because it makes the kids happy to see someone not be cheap on the candy.

Mind you, I am reasonably cheap with candy. Though the kids will see the flashy wrappers of the better quality confections, those treats sit on a pile of inexpensive filler candy with names no one knows. The Chinese candy is really cheap and it is chock full of minerals, lead for example.

Since moving to the apartment, I don't get Trick or Treaters anymore. It has saved me a fortune in candy expenditures, but it takes some of the fun out of things. Maybe in a year or two I can move back into a house. It will be much better when I can be known as "the creepy old, single guy who likes giving candy to kids."

Some year for Halloween, I would like to set up a couple of stone lintels like Stonehenge. They should be set such that we could parade people between them but have the entrance and exit hidden. The appearance to an audience would be that the parade came magically out of one of the uprights and then vanished into the other. I'm thinking that it should be built next to a steep drop so that the workings could be below the drop and the audience would be on the hill. This would also give the stones a sky back drop.

The parade itself would consist of various "other-worldly" entities, mostly taken from Irish mythology and fantasy art. This would demonstrate the "Thinning of the Veil" between the spirit world and ours on Halloween. The high point would be the passing of the Elf Queen and her attendants. With proper lighting and effects it would be quite a show. Of course the proceeds would go to charity, such as the Alburnett Community School District. This Halloween Pageant could be an annual tradition, growing more elaborate every year until it loses its soul. Of course, being Halloween, we would just have to have a s?ance to get it back.

Yep, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. We need more just like it.

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