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Some Are Violent


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As you may have heard, some Iraqis captured an American citizen and decapitated him. They claim that they tried to trade him for prisoners being held by Americans and, when that fell through, they killed him. They claim his murder was in retaliation for the abuse of Iraqi prisoners.

My sympathies go out to the poor man's family. It's sad when such things happen, even if it's a war zone. I feel even more sorry for the family because they are going to have to relive the occurrence every time someone wants to use it to complain about the war.

The bad guys claimed that it was in retaliation for prisoner abuse. If the abuse hadn't happened, would they not have killed him? I doubt it worked that way. If the abuse scandal did not exist, they would probably have killed him but sited some other reason. Does that matter to the anti-war people? No.

Those in this country who are opposed to the war will jump at the chance to tout the supposed reasons for the murder. Though the abuse scandal came out publicly last January and was being investigated long before the photos came out, the anti-military types have been working it for all it's worth to reach political ends. This incident is just fuel on the fire.

Though it's sad when people (most people, anyway) die in a violent fashion, this fellow was in a war zone and paid the price. I feel bad for him but understand what happened. The truly sad part will be the way he will be used by some people. I just can't understand why people can't have respect.

On a lighter note?

The more uppity individuals over there seem very violent and seem to want to take on the world. They remind me of the dumb-asses in this country who sit around and talk crap. You know the guys. They say crap like, "If I was there, I would?" or, "'I'm the toughest mother- around and I ain't gonna ?"

That begs the question, why don't our local morons cause as much trouble as the morons over there. I tried to picture both types of morn and then it hit me. See if you can follow along.

If you picture one of their morons, you see a religious nut. Not just any religious nut, but one that grew out of Islam. They don't drink.

Now picture one of our morons. Try to see if you can imagine him without a beer in his hand. You can't, can you. Our morons are prone to excessive alcohol consumption. That keeps our morons from doing too much damage.

What does this mean? Simple, we need to get the militant Muslims drunk. It helped us defeat the Native Americans. Why can't we use it there? Sure, the Qur'an forbids alcohol consumption. Does that venerable book say anything about Absinthe? I don't think so. If nothing else, we can always slip a little something into their hash water when they aren't looking.

I have one last quick note on the matter, for those of you who want to make it harder for people to get drunk, just look what can happen. Do you want Bubba to get angry, get his gun, and get sober enough to do something? Do you really want to squeal like a pig? I don't think so.

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