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Alien Life


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This evening I had the television on to have noise in the background. The program was discussing the search for extraterrestrial life. Some think it'll be found. Some think it won't. They all have their reasons. I have no opinion one way or the other.

I do have an opinion about any life we do find, should that happen. First, if the aliens are intelligent, I hope they are friendly. We don't need hostile aliens being a threat to the survival of humanity. Duh.

Secondly, if the aliens are not intelligent, I hope they are tasty. There, I said it. I'm omnivorous and if we find new life somewhere I would hope that it goes good with mashed potatoes and gravy. I finished one of my earlier posts about aliens with this bit of doggerel:

They're technologically advanced but they can't take a licking
And the best news yet, they taste like chicken
So if you're in the mood to eat yourself a real fine treat
You just can't beat that old alien meat.

Thirdly, I hope that the alien home world has a pleasant environment. There should be warm sunshine and cool breezes. The grass should be soft and so should the beaches. It should be perfect picnic weather every day. That'll be very important when you're having a nice alien cookout. Oh yea, alien should also go good with potato salad.

That's my opinion of finding life on other worlds. I think it's much better than the way alien worlds are portrayed in all those movies and television shows. There are those who would prefer a planet of space babes. I've had enough trouble interacting with Earth women who already seem like they're from another planet. I like my idea of aliens better.

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