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Happy Meat


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Oh wonderful day! My local grocery chain, Hy Vee, has just released their own brand of peppered beef jerky. That?s not all. The stuff has very little sodium (compared with many meat snacks). I?m so happy.

For those new to this site, I?m on a low sodium diet. Due to a pesky little virus that settled in my heart some time ago, I have to have this special diet crap. One of the biggest deals is keeping my sodium down. As a result, many snack foods are off my list. It?s a sad thing, some times.

This new beef jerky is 97% fat free and has only 180 mg of sodium per ounce. For something as tough to chew as beef jerky, that?s pretty low. The bag is four ounces and that?s plenty. It?s a good thing.

It would be really nice if more companies made the effort to reduce sodium levels in the food they make. (Most of the sodium comes from preservatives.) There are millions of Americans with high blood pressure and assorted heart related illnesses. Sorry, I don?t have data for other countries. All the heart patients are required to reduce their sodium intake. If one or two companies would lower the sodium in their products and then advertise the hell out of it they could get a big return.

Of course, the heart patients aren?t the only ones who could benefit. Most Americans eat four times the amount of sodium they need in a day. Eating that much sodium causes you to retain fluids and that increases your weight. Many diet foods are particularly high in sodium. If you are dieting, eat good foods instead of diet foods. Pay special attention to the sodium. Lowering the sodium will lower your weight.

One last note for those who disapprove of my carnivorous tendencies, vegetarianism is bigotry. Plants are just as alive as animals. For you to show preference for animals just because they?re more closely related to you is bigotry. Show equal respect for all forms of life!

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