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Happy Drive


Category: philosophies

I’m driving in to work today. It’s a beautiful day, plenty of sunshine and temperatures that warm but not too warm. There’s also plenty of traffic.

Much of that traffic is passing me. It seems I’m being a jerk by driving near the speed limit. The cars whiz by. The drivers glare at me. They make rude gestures. I smile and wave.

Why would I do that, you ask.

It’s simple really. There are times when it is a joy to be a jerk. One of those times is when other drivers hate you because you are driving near the speed limit as you enter the area of the mobile speed trap.

Just puts a warm feeling in your heart.

On my way home, I travel pretty much the reverse route as the morning. Imagine my subtle smugness at seeing ahead the flashing blue and red lights of our local law enforcement. Seems someone got pulled over.

I disgust me sometimes.

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