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Winter Solstice 2004


Category: philosophies

It is once again the Winter Solstice. The day will be the shortest of the year and the night will be the longest. After today, the days will keep getting longer will we reach Summer Solstice. Today is a good time to reflect on those things you have done and the things you hope to do later.

In ancient times, the Winter Solstice brought to mind death. All the trees were bare. The animals had migrated off or hibernated. It seemed as though everything had died. For the people of the time, they knew their own deaths could come too easily.

Death was not the only thought, though. They saw the Earth as the Great Mother. Those things that went into the Earth as dead would be born again in the Spring. Trees would sprout leaves. Hibernating animals would awaken. The temperatures would warm. Food would become more abundant.

So, Winter Solstice is a time of transition. The old is dead and buried and we prepare for the rebirth. One can burry all sorts of things: bad habits, grudges, fears, et cetera. In the Spring, one can be reborn as a new person with a new hope.

Take time today to look over your life. Try to see those things you wish to leave behind and look for those things that need renewal. What better way to mark the passing of an arbitrarily selected astronomical event?

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