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Chicago 11 Jan 2004


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Back on the twenty-first of December of 2003, I wrote a piece where I claimed that Chicago is a terrorist state. I pointed out all the problems with that place and how a large quantity of the violence in my native Iowa comes from citizens from Chicago. Well, there is fresh news. As printed in the Cedar Rapids Gazette, the AP has announced that the murder rate for Chicago in 2003 is a whopping 599 murders. Can you believe that number? It's the highest murder rate in the country. As of the time of this writing, there have been a little over four hundred American soldiers killed in Iraq. More people were killed in Chicago!

Of course, this number just includes those murders for which there is evidence of a crime. I'm sure there are plenty of missing persons who are going to remain missing forever. Likewise, those numbers don't count people who were murdered by Chicago residents in places other than that town. As I said, a great deal of violent crime here in Cedar Rapids involves people from Chicago. That's a six-hour drive each way (if you follow the speed limit.) Can you imagine what it's like for Indiana or Wisconsin?

About ten years back I went to a factory in Wisconsin for some training. As a group, we trainees did our introductions. Most of the other attendees were from the far reaches of the country. When it cam my turn to say where I was from I started with, "I'm like you folks, I'm from right here in the Midwest." That earned me hate-filled scowls as one of them trainers asked, "Where in the Midwest?" As soon as I told them Iowa was my home, they smiled and welcomed me warmly. They apologized for the defensiveness but they were afraid that I was from Chicago.

You see, they try to lure you in with their pictures of nice buildings with flashing lights. Those places are a rarity. Most of the place is a paved nightmare filled with rude individuals who won't be happy till they run you over. It is a bad place. The only good thing about Global Warming is that the water level will rise and wash away Chicago.

Follow this link for more information about Terrorism of Chicago.

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