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Driving Destiny


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Destiny is simply life?s momentum. It has a speed and direction based on where you were headed before. It can be changed through efforts, both internal and external. Much like the momentum of an automobile, it is driven and you are behind the steering the wheel.

The car analogy is a good one for destiny. We do have control as we navigate our way through the world of other people and environmental conditions. Like with an automobile trip, we start at home. The direction of our parent?s lives determines where we start. This is only a starting point, however, and we must each decide where to go from there.

If you find that you are going a direction that you do not wish to go, you must turn. Some turns are gracefully done at highway speeds. Other turns are sharper and require that you slow down or even stop first. Trying to turn sharply when going too fast may result in some serious loss of control, but it may be the only way to avoid running into a brick wall.

Like with driving, you need a destination. Though it is nice to just get in the car and drive aimlessly once in a while (vacation), for the most part one should know where one is going. If you really want to get to the rich side of town, you should plot out that course and stick with it. Regardless of how you are driving, toward a direction or just sightseeing, remember that traffic laws are pretty much there for everyone?s safety.

Once you have a destination, you have to follow the streets that will get you there. Sure, you can occasionally find a shortcut, but you usually have to figure out the avenues to your goals. Trying to drive directly there may involve going through rivers or people?s yards and most cars can?t handle that. You must also be aware of possible delays and detours; have an alternate route ready so you won?t lose hope.

Cars need fuel and maintenance. Likewise, your life?s progress may have to pause on occasion. This is normal and is not a cause for despair. Just gas up and move along. On some trips, you may have to take a temporary job to pay for fuel and maintenance. Again, this should not end your trip, and it should be seen as part of the adventure.

Good drivers are ever vigilant for hazards on the road. There are some bad drivers out there and they will run into you. That?s why you try to avoid them as best you can and why you have insurance. In terms of life, you must watch out for people who may cause you harm. That?s why we look both ways before crossing the street and why we lock our doors. This is why we report drug dealers in our neighborhoods. This is why we honk our horns loudly to let everyone know of the hazards.

The road itself can present problems. When the road is icy or otherwise dangerous, we must slow down and proceed with caution. Only caution and good sense can get a driver through the environmental hazards. You should plan ahead and have a blanket in your car so you can better survive the little accidents caused by nature.

Internal factors can be an issue as well. Many people have a problem with backseat drivers. You know the type; they always know what?s best for your life. If you are an adult and your parents are still telling you how to drive, it may be time for you to get a car of your own and go your own way. The car you buy may not be as nice as your parents? car, but it will be yours. Of course the decision to do so must be yours.

The biggest thing to remember about life being like driving is continued attention to the drive. When going down the highway, nodding off, or otherwise not paying attention to the wheel, will allow your car to go speeding off the road and into the ditch. At those speeds, the best is that you suffer great amounts of damage. At the worst, you die and don?t get to drive ever again. You have to pay attention to where your life is going or you may awake to see that guard rail going through your bumper. Then you can kiss your bumper good bye.

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