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Assignment Bill Flyers


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It's time for a new assignment. Don't worry; I know you are all tired of political things so this will be non-political. This is an assignment in which I'm sure you will all want to participate.

One of my professors recommended this practice. Since I don't have his permission to talk about him on my site, I won't mention his name. Just take it from me that I respect him.

Here's the assignment. The next time you have to mail in a payment for something, return the flyers that came with the bill. That's it. You know you just throw away the little sales flyers anyway. That's a lot of stuff for the landfills. We should discourage that kind of practice. How do you discourage it? You mail the stuff back and let the billing company dispose of it.

That's it. Just mail back the sales flyers and other junk they send you. It's obvious they think it's ok to send such stuff otherwise they wouldn't send it to you. By sending it back, you're saying, "I'm not interested, thank you." If enough people do this, those companies will stop mailing the stuff to you.

There's your assignment. Have a go.

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