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Slobodan Milosevic is Dead


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Former Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic is dead. This is a good thing.

For those who don?t remember, Milosevic was the ?Butcher of the Balkans? who led the Serbs through several losing wars. He was also the leader who organized the ?ethnic cleansing? of non-Serbs.

Lately he?s been staying in a U.N. prison while the international community tried him for war crimes. The trial has been going on for many years now and there was some chance that he might have been found guilty. Had he been found guilty, the Europeans would have seen to it that he lived the rest of his days being catered to in some pleasant little prison.

I?ve always been of the opinion that ousted dictators are automatically guilty and should be executed. Sure, this sounds a bit harsh; get over it. Think about the two possibilities in the case of these atrocities. The first possibility is that the dictator actually did or commanded the bad things to be done. These are guys like Hitler or Pol Pot. Most people can agree that such leaders need to be dead.

In the second case, the leader is so incompetent that he or she cannot maintain control of the situation. You may wonder why this should lead to the same punishment as the direct leader. That may be questionable, even in my harsh view. However, incompetence is another thing that really gets on my nerves. People like FEMAs Brown can cause massive amounts of harm through their incompetence. If the incompetence is so bad that it allows hundreds of thousands of people to be slaughtered, I see no reason why that leader shouldn?t be strung up as a warning to other morons who want to be in charge.

Take as an example the case against Saddam Hussein. Everybody knows he is guilty. He?s the deposed dictator. Right now, the Iraqi people are being exposed to a circus of a trial where the former honcho comes out spouting crap everyday. The best thing for the Iraqi people would have been to see Hussein taken out on a platform and beheaded. (I?m one of the ones who see beading as being much crueler than any other method of execution used by ?civilized? countries.)

All that aside, people are upset that Milosevic died before the trial ended. Many felt that a finding of guilt by the court would give closure to those who suffered under his rule. Now that he is dead, the trial is over and the closure is gone. At least, we have the opportunity to say good-bye to Mr. Milosevic and the horse he rode in on.

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