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Fast Food Suggestions


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It is not often that I patronize fast food restaurants. Their food is not really health inducing, in general. I also prefer to enjoy my food. Still, necessity (or occasional craving) dictates that I visit the drive through from time to time. Therefore, I feel the need to provide this it of advice for workers who make this food.

First, I appreciate that you ask if I would like extra sauces or condiments. I also appreciate when you politely acknowledge that I said ?No, thank you.? Please don?t roll your eyes. Please don?t stare blankly at me. Please don?t directly back into your conversation with an anonymous coworker about who is cheating on whom.

That brings up the second point. I know that coworkers have conversations. That?s fine. It is important to note that the conversations should be secondary to serving customers. If your conversation about the party last night is preventing you from making eye contact then you may want to reevaluate your priorities in the matter. You really should focus on your customers a bit more.

The third point I would like to make has to do with the condiments placed on sandwiches. Things such as ketchup (catsup) or mustard belong between the pieces of bread. If these sticky things end up outside the bun there is a mess. I don?t like messes. I present this simple training tool. Management should remove an appendage for each offense until the person stops adding too much special sauce.

Quantity is also an issue for drinks. As a driver, I don?t like it when a beverage fills the cup holder. The secret is to put into the cup less than the maximum amount of fluid. You will want to leave a small gap between the drink lid and the drink. Here?s how to tell if you?ve overfilled. When you put the lid on, look to see if beverage geysers out through the straw hole. If it does, start over.

Of course, we as customers can help as well. For example, if you are ordering meals for more than twenty people, perhaps the express drive through window is not choice for you. Likewise, if you need ten minutes to look over the menu, you may want to go into the establishment rather than using your SUV to block the drive through like an artery.

I hope these little suggestions are helpful. It will make the industrialized world a little better. More importantly, it will make me happier so I don?t have to curse you (?A pox! A pox on your monkey!?)

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