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Thanksgiving 2008


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It?s Thanksgiving here in the United States and everyone is getting ready to celebrate. The traditional celebration includes traveling to see hated relatives, eating excessively (even by American standards), and watching television while passing gas. Occasionally people will take a moment to reflect on those things for which they are thankful.

That ?thankful list? is the purpose of this post. So here are a few of things for which LibertyBob is thankful.

I?m thankful that the elections are over for a while. There are still political ads going on, but in much smaller numbers.

I?m thankful that I do not have to upgrade to Microsoft Windows Vista, their new operating system. Sure, I will eventually have to upgrade, but that won?t happen until the initial customer testing. For the time being I will stick with Windows XP and Linux.

I?m thankful that I was never circumcised. Incidentally, I?m thankful for the woman who helped me reach this realization. No, you aren?t getting any other details.

I?m thankful that I live in a country where food problems are that there is too much rather than not enough. You won?t be seeing commercials asking for money to help feed large numbers of Americans.

I?m thankful that I?m too old to be drafted into military service. The government is realizing that you can?t go to war for extended periods of time with out soldiers. When the wars are unpopular and poorly thought out the number of volunteers drops and a draft is needed. It?s not that I am opposed to military service, but I left the Army back in the ?80s.

I am also thankful that we only draft males. That leaves a larger quantity of unattached females. Being a single fellow, I appreciate the better odds.

I am thankful for slightly lower gas prices. Ok, I could be a lot more thankful if the prices were lower still. Fortunately, I live in Iowa where we are pushing hard for ethanol fuel which is ecologically friendly, renewable, and extremely profitable for my native Iowa.

I am thankful that I haven?t heard from the LibertyBob Psychic Department for quite a while. I think they foresaw what I was planning to do to them if I got hands on them again.

I?m thankful that my career plans do not involve the Jeb Bush 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee

Lastly, I am thankful for the people who still visit this site and read my erratic rants. Thank you, visitor, you are appreciated.

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