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You People


Category: philosophies

I would like to remind you people again that it's none of my damned business. I have nothing against you folks and, as long as you're not bothering me, I won't bother you.

Some may argue about what to do with your kind. I say live and let live. Some say you can't help being like that. Again, it's not my concern. Still other people won't be happy till there aren't any of you left. Those people worry me.

If I write something here and you feel like I've done it to offend you, you're wrong. I make a point of not directly attacking a general class of person (except morons) so it is unlikely that I attacked you as a member of a group. That's not to say I don't insult individuals.

So please, understand me when I say I have nothing against you people.

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You gotta pick the right guy to do the job.
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Somebody loves me... when I'm unconscious.