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The New York Bomber


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As you may have heard, there was a recent attempt to detonate a fertilizer bomb in New York. The bombing failed and the hunt started for the moron who tried. Preliminary reports said the fertilizer was the wrong kind for making bombs. That leads me to think: what an idiot.

It is true that the culprit needs to be arrested, tried, and introduced to Pig Roger. However, I hope the media will do the right thing. I hope they will call him a moron.

Come on, even before the Internet, my friends and I knew how to make bombs. That was standard growing up male stuff to know. With the vast array of information waiting on the Net, there is no reason for such failure. Ignoring that it is stupid to think you are going to get away with trying to explode a truck in New York, using the wrong fertilizer is just incredibly stupid.

At every turn, we must make a point of calling this person, and any accomplices, a moron. Some of us must point and laugh, and chide him for his stupidity. Others should simply shake their heads in disgust and disbelief over his incredible lack of intellect. This offender is not a super villain; he is an incompetent boob.

What will happen instead, though, is that the media will treat him like the greatest criminal of all time. They will talk about his diabolical scheme and his ties to the League of Evil, or whoever is today's boogey man. They never take the time to say simply: what an idiot.

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